Our main goal is to be the reference shipping in San Pedro area, offering to our clients the local support based on responsibility and professional experience. To encourage the development of San Pedro port, generating new business in order to become a general cargo terminal in the future, is also our aim.


'Agencia Maritima Carlos A. Saliva' was founded in 1929 when Mr. Carlos A. Saliva became the main manager of the company after death of his uncle, Mr. Felipe Ardaiz, who had been in charge of the first shippins agency established in San Pedro since 1870.
At the end of 1975, after sudden death of Mr. Carlos A. Saliva, at the age of 70, his son in law Hector Tufilli and his daughter, Maria Elena, took over the firm and thereafter the agency was known as 'Agencia Maritima Sucecion Carlos A. Saliva S.R.L.'
From the very beginning the commitment was to continue with the activities that Mr. Carlos Saliva had development during 46 years, dedicating most of the time - together with a local municipal commission - to improve activities of San Pedro port.


In 2000 NYK decided to operate their reefer vessels through San Pedro port, loading citrus fruits from the northwestern and northeastern area of Argentina towards the Baltic.
We accepted this challenge offering well-experienced staff, in the operation and logistic fields to coordinate, supervise and control loading operations.
Since then and during 10 years of hard work - together with the whole local port community - we have achieved to become San Pedro the number one port in citrus fruit loading of our country. Nowadays, other cargoes such, pears, apple, garlic, grapes, etc. are also being loaded for new world markets.

'Don Carlos A. Saliva' Año 1930

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